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V Trial Deck 10: Chronojet

V Trial Deck 10: Chronojet

Factory Sealed, 6 In stock
  • Description
    Chronojet is the Trial Deck for the Gear Chronicle clan. It features 4 copies of the deck’s trump card, Chronojet Dragon. With this deck, you can experience the technical fighting style as you break the boundaries of time and space by riding into grade 4! Triple drive and the Standard equivalent of striding return!

    The cards with RRR foil treatment in each deck are Chronojet Dragon; Stroboscope Dragon; Gears Repeater; and one other random card from the deck (excluding Steam Guard, Kastilia). The reissue cards included are 1 Steam Guard, Kastilia (the ever-popular draw-trigger sentinel!); 3 Steam Janitor, Gitlim; 4 Steam Bomber, Digul; and 3 Ring Ring Worker. You can strengthen this deck with Extra Booster 14 The Next Stage, available June 5.

    This Trial Deck also features a new card type known as Orders! The player going second gets a Quick Shield when they ride on the First Vanguard. This pack includes 50 cards (16 different cards), a first guide, a play mat, 3 double-sided Gift Markers (Force I on the front and Force II on the back), and a Quick Shield card.
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